American Jobs, Global Talent.

AWV  is a premier legal services organization that has placed thousands of international workers into open positions at U.S. companies for over 15 years. AWV offers direct placement, legal, and immigration services to qualified international workers and introduces them to U.S. companies seeking qualified and loyal employees. Since 2001, we have placed workers from 14 countries including China, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Jamaica, and Mexico, in companies located in 47 U.S. states. A few examples can be found in the map below.

AmericaWorkVisa has helped people from these countries and US states

Flexible Solutions

AWV has extensive experience in placing overseas workers in all major U.S. industries in difficult-to-fill and high-turnover positions. Our international workers possess the required education and experience for unskilled as well as skilled positions. Below are just a few examples of the industries in which we have placed foreign workers in the U.S.




Information Technology





The Best Results

The AWV team of experienced legal professionals and immigration attorneys strives to make the immigration experience as easy, fast, and satisfactory as possible for both foreign workers and U.S. hiring managers. Below are some testimonials from satisfied AWV clients.

Aizhen Ye from China
Working at General Electric in Greenville, SC

“My family received EW3 immigration visas through the help of AWV. We came to America on April 22, 2016, and all three of us received our green cards (Permanent Residency) 3 months later. Connie [from AWV] went out of her way and drove 45 minutes to pick us up from the airport, and then she took us to the rental house she had previously arranged for us. She also helped us with opening bank accounts and getting SIM cards. I am extremely grateful that AWV and Connie helped us get our green cards, as well as all the services and help they have provided for my family!”

Charles Savarese from Florida, USA
Managing Partner at HospitalityStaff®

“We are a staffing company for hospitality workers and always need culinary positions and other service related jobs. We started working with AWV over 13 years ago when we met at an industry convention in Orlando, Florida, for food service and restaurants. [AWV provided] cooks, pantry, and hostess positions. AWV handles all the paperwork and keeps you in compliance with the many regulations and keeps you informed during the entire process. AWV does all the hard work identifying the right candidates, screening them for qualifications, and handling all the onboarding up to the time the candidate becomes your employee. AWV works very hard on behalf of both the employee and the employer.”