America Work Visa recruits and processes qualified international workers who wish to live and work in the United States of America. No matter what your industry is, or the type of workers you are looking for, there are international workers with the skills to meet your difficult-to-fill staff positions. Read the hiring managers’ stories below to learn how companies such as yours have secured motivated international workers.

Name: Monica Smith
Title: Business Owner
State: Kansas
Hiring: Accountant
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Ms. Smith owns an accounting firm in a rural midwest town in Kansas. Because of her office location, she has difficulty in attracting young, qualified accountants and other skilled office personnel for her business needs. She wishes to hire a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and is open to employing international staff. AWV connects her with a Korean student currently studying accounting at Wichita State University, located just 45 minutes away, and Ms. Smith thinks the student is a good fit. AWV begins the student’s permanent residency process while she is still in school, and by the time she has graduated and completed a year of practical training at the accounting firm, the student can continue to live and work full time in the U.S. at the firm with her green card.

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Name: Carl Jones
Title: Landscape Business Owner
State: Maryland
Hiring: Laborers
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Mr. Jones owns a small, successful landscaping company which he hopes to grow and expand in the coming years. He frequently has difficulty in finding and retaining hard-working laborers to keep up with the amount of landscaping work for his clients, and knows that he will continue to need more laborers as the business grows. Carl contacts AWV to find four candidates for his landscaping business. AWV recruits for him four workers from

South and Central America, and navigates them through the permanent residency process to get their green cards and start working at Carl’s business in Maryland. His new workers are happy to be living and working in the U.S., and AWV continues to offer Carl consistent help with finding new and qualified staff as his business expands.

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Name: Angela Hawkins
Title: HR Manager
State: Texas
Hiring: Construction Managers and Workers
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The governor of Texas has just signed off on legislation calling for a huge infrastructure project, and a local construction management company has won the bid for the construction project. Angela Hawkins, the company’s human resources director, is charged with hiring 1,000 construction managers and supporting laborers over the next 5 years. This is an important contract with a tight budget and set deadlines. Angela connects with AWV to find and secure the large numbers of necessary skilled and unskilled workers for the project scope, including construction managers, construction workers, brick layers, architects, electricians, structural engineers, and laborers.  AWV works with our overseas recruiters to locate talent and then facilitates the efficient processing of the workers’ employment-based permanent residency visas for this project.

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Can AWV help me find an employee or a group of employees?
Yes. America Work Visa can introduce you to prospective foreign workers who have the skills and qualifications required for your job positions. We place qualified, motivated workers in U.S. companies for job positions that are hard-to-fill or for which there are no available domestic workers. We have over 15 years of experience in international recruitment, placement, and immigration services, and can place a single worker or a large group of workers to meet your company’s staffing requirements.
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I already have an employee in mind; can AWV assist with the process?
Yes. If you have already selected a foreign worker for a position at your company, America Work Visa can immediately initiate the employment-based visa process for his or her immigration to the U.S. We will arrange a licensed immigration attorney for you and your chosen employee to complete the necessary paperwork and other requirements, and to represent the worker in immigration proceedings. If you have workers currently at your business who need visa adjustment, we can also assist you and your workers as long as they currently are in legal status.
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What kinds of workers can you place?
America Work Visa pre-screens hundreds of qualified international workers of all skill levels, as well as unskilled workers. We have workers with specialized university degrees, as well as support staff and general unskilled labor.
Skilled positions we offer include but are not limited to: business, technology, hospitality, culinary, construction trades, and management. Unskilled positions include but are not limited to: landscaping, construction, food service, poultry and meat processing, janitorial cleaning, and general labor. We specialize in helping U.S. companies secure skilled and unskilled workers for hard-to-fill positions for which domestic workers are unavailable. Some skilled workers are bachelor’s and master’s degree students who are currently in the U.S. on student visas, and they can begin working with you as interns while they are still in school. We can also arrange for those students to work at your business after graduation. Interns and trainees from overseas are also available. Our international qualified workers come from Asia, Europe, South America, and Central America, and have the appropriate levels of education and training that your open positions require.
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How much does it cost?
The Company must place an ad in a local newspaper to determine that US workers are unavailable. After the worker is selected and approved, the only additional cost to the Company is a one-time legal fee of $500 for processing the Labor Certification (LC) for multiple workers.
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How long does it take? 
Processing timelines for permanent residency will depend on various factors such as the worker’s country of origin and skill classification. To fill your staff needs quickly, we have international students currently studying in the U.S. who can intern with your company while still in school, or during their practical training time after graduation. While doing so, the students will apply for permanent residency in order to continue working at your company.  Permanent residency processing generally takes about 1.5 – 2 years. America Work Visa will work to meet your company’s specific needs and preferences, and your timeline.
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How much do I have to pay the worker?
The wage you will pay the employee will be in accordance with your company’s standard compensation for the position and for the skill level of the employee. You will pay the worker a wage comparable to what would be paid to a U.S. worker.  The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) will also ensure that the proposed wage is in accordance with what is known as the “prevailing wage,” which takes into account the position, the skill level, and your company’s geographic location in the U.S.
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How long will the employee work for my company?
Unless stated in an employment agreement between your company and the worker, the employment of the worker will be “at-will.” That means that there is no mandatory required length of employment, and your company may terminate the employment relationship at any time. A U.S. company sponsors the green card for the worker because it needs workers. The worker will be expected to work full-time at the company, and agrees to work for a minimum of 1 year after a green card is obtain, in order to ensure the integrity of the worker’s immigrant status. Otherwise, questions may be raised by the U.S. government about whether that worker had a bona fide intention to work with the sponsoring U.S. employer.
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What are my responsibilities in the process?
Once you begin sponsorship for your worker(s), your company should sustain its offer(s) of employment until the foreign worker obtains his or her permanent residency in the U.S. Your company should employ the worker upon arrival in the U.S. in accordance with the position, the job duties, and the wage, as outlined in your employment agreement filed with the U.S. government.
After the worker begins working at your company, your company has the right to terminate the employment based upon your standard employment policies.
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Do I need an immigration lawyer for this?
You do not need to secure an immigration lawyer for this process. America Work Visa will arrange for a licensed immigration attorney for your company in support of the worker’s immigration proceedings, at a low cost to your company.
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Can I let the worker go in the middle of the process? What is the result of that?
If your company withdraws the offer of employment after you have initiated the permanent residence process for a worker, that terminates the worker’s application with the U.S. government. Therefore, your company has the right to, but should not, withdraw the offer in the middle of the process, unless the need for your company to hire additional workers no longer exists because of economic or other reasons, or because of a management or an ownership change.

After the worker has obtained his or her permanent residency in the U.S. and begins working at your company, you have the right to terminate his or her employment at any time based upon your employment policies.

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Can your workers speak and write in English?
America Work Visa will present you with workers who meet your English communication needs. At your request, AWV will arrange for telephone or video interviews between your company and all recruited workers for you to approve their English language fluency as well as their skills for your open positions.
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